A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

The Aquarium and Disney Fun

On Monday myrddan, lockemaison, and I went to the NY Aquarium out on Coney Island. It was not as big as I thought, but it was still fun. We didn't see anything super unique, but we did enjoy the fish and the walrus and the tank that was filled with the secondary characters of Finding Nemo: shark, manta ray, sea turtle, etc. We saw the walrus feeding, and that was very fun as well. Ohhhhhh, there were also lots of jellyfish!!! I would totally go back there at some future point, however, there was one major, major downer: The 4D movie. We went because on the walk there from the Subway, there were people handing out discount coupons to the Aquarium, and it made the movie free, so we saw it... Anyway, it was really short, and the effects were lame. Very lame. Just seriously don't see it. Seriously.
And for anyone that cares, every Friday from 3-6, the Aquarium is Pay-What-You-Wish. We did know this in advance, but we wanted to go today, so we paid the general admission. :P

Today, myrddan is hard at work loading in a Disney Show at the St. George Theatre. There are 4 huge semi-trucks full of stuff for this extravaganza. I wish him luck. He's also running spot for it, so he gets to watch it. Hee hee!

Otherwise, things are a bit slow going here...but we are sure it'll pick up soon. :)
Tags: erich entry, mundania
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