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The Mall of America!

Even though we do not have a car, we still managed to see a roadside attraction on this trip: The Biggest Mall in America. Although, since the mall is on America Blvd, it may just be named what it is due to the street it is on. Anyway...

Next to the mall is a GIANT IKEA store, looks like you could hold space training programs in there!

Inside the mall, we were greeted by screaming children. Not the best way to start a visit into a sprawling museum of commercialism and American values. However, we did pick up the coupon book, of which we used maybe 5-6 coupons, and we are saving the rest of the book as a souvenior.

Since it was around noon, the first thing we did was find a place to eat. We chose the restaurant called CRAVE, for its food menu, and its coupon. The food was exotic, yet interesting. myrddan had a blackened burger with bleu cheese crumbles and I had baked truffle macaroni. It was just enough for the both of us.

After lunch, we began to actually look around the mall. We noticed a lot of clothing stores, and a lot of general mall stores. Not a lot of repetition. In total we saw 3 Starbucks and 2 Godivas as the real only repetition. So we are impressed at the number of different vendors that are there.

Three different Minnesota shops, none of which held anything worth purchasing, but slightly fun to look around. Although we did get a pressed penny as a souvenior!

We played Moose Adventure Golf. It was very fun and challenging! Probably the best Mini-Golf Game we've played on the entire trip! We're getting better, we're almost tied when we par.

Pictures are here.
New Album time!

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