A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Noah's Ark (The Waterpark, not the biblical boat)

Today we went to America's Largest Waterpark. I would have to agree with the description, as it was laid out over a large area and had a lot of slides and things to do.


* Black Anaconda, America's longest watercoaster (1/4 mile long). Waited about an hour to get on this, and were disappointed. Water kept spraying in our eyes and it was just a lot of up and downs hills and dark tunnels. I would probably have enjoyed it more, if there wasn't water in my eyes.

* Mini Golf was fun and sometimes challenging. I got 3 holes-in-one on the course! And there were angry looking birds watching me on the 2nd hole.

* $2 sandals for sale. Very neat!

* 2 wave pools...not really sure what the difference between them was, but the waves were very nice.

* 4000 beach lounge chairs: so you'll always have a seat!

* Generally, the park wasn't that crowded, we always got a 2-person tube when we wanted one!

* Escape From the Crypt, which is a dry ride/walk-thru thing, which goes something like this: First there's a hallway of spooky barrels and rope with a tv explaining the Khufu was found in Wisconsin Dells and left a treasure of untold millions (and Jesus came to America and taught the Natives about God), but the excavators have been brutally murdered by a cloud of green stuff, and we have to save them. So, we end up going into a Haunted Mansion (c) type elevator, which really doesn't go very far, and into a hallway of non-scary, day-glo skeletons behind glass and into a room with benches and lapbars. This rooms spins. I mean, the walls spin, the benches don't really do much. Seriously. Spooky voice talks to you and there are purple glowing skulls on the walls. Then the doors open, you pass by some mummy things and you leave. The end. Lame. Quite, quite lame. Now getout.
Tags: honeymoon
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