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Mt. Olympus Time

Greetings all! We are in Wisconsin Dells and we went to Mt. Olympus Theme and Water Park. The theme park consists of go-kart tracks and wooden roller coasters, as well as a few kids rides and a Ducks land/water ride that goes through the neighbouring Dells Deer Farm. The water park area has a few groups of slides, both indoor and out, as well as 2 wave pool and 2 outdoor lazy rivers, and one indoor one.


*The Hades roller coaster, the longest one in the park (the peak of which we can see from our hotel room, 1 mile away), goes under the parking lot, twisting and turning, reemerging by the highway, and then returns.

*The biggest wave pool, Poseidon's Rage, sends out a 7-foot wave every 2 minutes, tossing everyone in the pool back 30 feet.

*Although one does not feel like one is in Greece (or Rome or Troy), the rides and stores are quite thematic.

For dinner, we went to a buffet seafood restaurant named Crabby's. It had, amongst its food items, excellent mussels, herring, prime rib, brownies, melon slices, and crawfish.

About 10 years or so ago, I went to Niagara Falls. The way that there's all these various tourist trap like buildings all around the area, so too is Wisconsin Dells. Many, many tourist things to do, but we already have decided what we are doing... all of which is in walking distance from the hotel! (Screw you cars!)

So check out the pics and enjoy!

Tomorrow we go to America's largest water park, Noah's Ark and the Paul Bunyan Buffet Restaurant. There will not be any photos for tomorrow, as the camera is not waterproof and we will be totally be wet all day. Awesomeness!!!
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