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It'Savannah Time

DAY 28:
Well, we're now in Savannah, GA. Big jump, huh? It's going to be like that for the rest of the trip. State-skipping. Anyway, it's humid and hot here, but it doesn't feel as bad New Orleans did, or maybe we're not noticing it as much...

It is very nice here, but the plants here give off this wierd smell that smells like burnt gumbo. Not sure what the trees are called, but the odor is quite odd.
Today, we went to the Ships of The Sea Museum, which is generally an outdoor garden and indoors are exhibits of model ships, as well as figureheads. The gift shop is very nice, however.
Went to the visitor's center and asked for tickets to the train museum, and were given tickets to a movie and the Savannah History Museum, which, by the way, has only one giant steam engine in it.
Ended up getting a refund on that, and getting the correct tickets.
The Roundhouse Train Museum is not as neat as the other train museums we have been to, but has preserved factory shops, like the metal shop. Otherwise, it was...meh.

Tonight, we are going on the Ghost Hearse Tour, where one goes around the city in an open-roof hearse and hears ghost stories. Seems similar to the Ghost Bus of Ireland...maybe not...but should be much fun nonetheless.

Speaking of tours, there are A LOT of tour groups and hence many trolleys, buses, carts, tour groups, etc. all over the place. It's a bit overwhelming. Our tour starts at 10:45pm and lasts until after midnight. Spooky, fun, and not that humid!

Tomorrow, we're walking along the river and eating lunch (or dinner) at the Pirate House. It looks really fun. There are nice things here, but not all are photogenic.
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