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Trains are so nifty.

DAY 25:
OMG, it's almost been a month of this travel, and we're still chugging away (yay trains!). Firstly, here are the rest of the Pittsburgh photos.

We spent the night in Baltimore on the way to Williamsburg, VA because Erich has not been to the Busch Gardens there.
Just spent this morning at the B & O Railroad Museum. It was totally worth seeing. Much to do and there was even a talking bust!!! SWEET! There was a sign in the museum which read: "QUIET is requested on behalf of the retired". It was meant for Pullman Cars, but it's so punny as well. Those pics begin here.

For those curious of our current itinerary, after Busch Gardens, VA, we will be heading to Savannah, GA (yes, we know it'll be hot and humid, but we spent a week in New Orleans in the middle of August, and we were just fine). And from 29 July--3 August, we shall be staying with Erich's mom, mmebleu13. YAY Florida! Afterwards, we shall be heading west to destinations unknown. What is known, however, is that on 24 Aug. we will be taking another cross-country train (like we did in January) from Reno, NV to NYC, this time going through the middle of the country and seeing the Colorado Rockies, as well as taking the train from Chicago that goes through DC, instead of through upstate NY, thereby seeing different things, as well as having something like a recap of all our adventures. :)
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