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DAY 23: Just updated to let y'all know much fun was had in Erie, PA and its surrounding area. Places of note included: a buffalo farm, train museum, amusement park, mini golf, national park, and seafood. As well as spending time with those I love. I know that's not a lot of detail as the previous entries, but we're currently in Pittsburgh, PA and the regular updates will start again soon. YAYSERS! They will most likely continue throughout the rest of the trip. :)

We planned to go to Pittsburgh to visit Kennywood, but not only are we on the other side of the city, it's not really convenient by bus or taxi. Instead, Erich feels it would be better for us to go the mall across the street, watch a movie, and maybe buy some clothes and gifts for people, as currently, we have only bought one for a friend, and two train shirts for the both of us.

So...how's it going generally, you may ask? Is there truly that intimacy that couples have during the Honeymoon? Yes. A lot of things are being talked about and solved and being worked on and we're going to come home and be the cute couple for the rest of our days!

...Yes, there are pictures for this trip. They begin here.
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