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Typing this while escaping the mass exodus of Gaga Fans

DAY 13:
Cleveland is super fun. Except for this evening when there is apparently a Lady Gaga concert that practically the entire city is going to. Everyone is dressed up ridiculously in odd clothing and bad fashion.

Today, however, we went to the Great Lakes Science Center. Amongst the things we saw, we caught the Omnimax movie Under the Sea, narrated by Jim Carrey. It was Erich's first time seeing Omnimax, and he totally enjoyed it. I did as well, because I learned about sea snakes.

Afterward, we went and saw Despicable Me, which for both of us was the same price for one ticket in NYC. Rock on. The movie was very nice as well. Totally recommend. We want little tiny minion toys!!! They are soooooooooooooooo cute!

We also saw Tom Otterness' work, The Gates (1998), at the Cleveland Public Library.

There is also this arcade that is reminiscent of the Victorian arcades of London. Erich had never seen one before and took quite a few pictures of the place.

Another highlight of Cleveland, is the Sailors and Soldiers Memorial Monument. Really nice work both outside and inside. Lincoln is a highlight of the interior, as is the Civil War.
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