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Cedar Point

DAY 11:
Today we are in Sandusky, OH and have just visited the Theme Park with the most roller coasters: Cedar Point.

Before we get into park info, I want to make a comment about our hotel. Apparently, people have been stealing things from the rooms, so the hotel has placed a very witty disclaimer about such things in the bathroom.

And know, park highlights:

There were 3 car rides. We went on two of them. I drove one and Erich drove on the other one.

There was this one coaster that went 0-120 in 10 seconds, and had almost a 180 degree drop. The entire ride lasted 17 seconds.

We went on a train ride that went by Lake Erie. It was super fun as well. The engine is named the Judy K. Not sure how many people in this part of the country would get that.

Erich posed behind a cannon and totally upped the rating of this family-friendly park from G to PG-13.

And...and...and...the finale! There was....a YELLOW SUBMARINE!!! And I rode it!

Tomorrow we head off to Cleveland, Ohio. And as a note, we have decided to not visit D.C. this trip. Instead, we are going to bus down the coast to Florida, stopping at various amusement parks and/or train museums along the way. We'll have a lot more fun and probably still have the same budget and what not. Fun fun time.

*As will become normal with these entries, each word/phrase will link to a different photo.
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