A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Ranty politic comments

1. I am for the NYS Beverage Tax because it taxes the unhealthy drinks. While most regular soft drinks, like Mountain Dew, are actually better than diet sodas, the juice drinks are actually worse for you. It's mostly water and suger with a hint of taste. Even most of the instant juices are the same way. Since Patterson wants to tax things, he should totally tax HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and regular CORN SYRUP. This will make people think twice before buying these products as those products are currently cheaper than the healthier alternatives.

2. MTA Smart Card ranty time. Totally for the smart card. Works great in London and will work great here, as long as the turnstyles are set up the same way London has. NYC doesn't have to put in Zoning systems like London, but the whole thing about using the card to get in and leave will totally cut down on jumpers and fare-evaders. As for the bus fare-evaders, which are mostly school kids, I'm not sure how to cut down on that without cancelling buses or having late buses, but that is one of the reasons the MTA isn't getting money. It's also one of the reasons there will be bus routes disappearing on Staten, like the S42, which is full of fare evaders.

3. Obama's Health Care plan. Mostly for this. Not really sure what the whole Tea Party thing is about. Not sure why the Red Scare is still topical. Europe is confused about this. I am also confused about the terror attacks on Congressmen about this. If someone can explain it, I would love to read it below. Apparently, his plan will help people in the performing arts, but not sure how. Mostly freelancers will benefit...but it's not explained yet as to how. More info has to come out about it. Oh, and slightly off topic, Sarah Palin had her 10-minutes in the spotlight, now she's just an aging actress that's trying to keep her face on magazines. Give it up.
Tags: bitchy ranting, politics
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