A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Victorian 1337 and London Tripping

First, the last: Attempting to fly to London RT for Approx. $300 from bidding on priceline. So far, not successful. Nor am I expecting it to be. However, if my fare is accepted, I will go.

Now back to the first!
During Van Buren's time as President, people were using initialed language like we do now in IM and chat. This is 1838 (and where OK came from!). So....We are starting to come up with our own list...Victorian/Steampunk Style!

GTGMAOF: Got to go, my airship is on fire!
QVCLB: Queen Victoria is coming! Look Busy!
GTGTBAA: got to go, the boers are attacking!
HCH: hansom cab is here

Yeah...only 4 for now. Be more later I'm certain.
Tags: england, humour, politics, steampunk, victorian 1337

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