A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

The year's passing....

So the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine is drawing to a close. And I've gotten an awesome job, and lost it. I went to the UK and discovered that politeness and respect towards others still exists, and I've gotten to keep my union healthcare another year. Oh yeah, and I got engaged. Sweet.

Next year...what is going on? Well, for starters, myrddan and I are going to Disneyland next week and then taking a trans-continental train ride back. It will be an experience. Mainly because the laptop will be taken with us, and photos and things will be uploaded regularly, instead of being posted hap-hazardly on our return.

Also, the wedding is next year, as well as the honeymoon. More on that as the year progresses. And there's this thing which we may or may not partake of. The price is right, but the dates are during the highlight of our work, so we're not sure yet if we are going.

What else? Oh yeah. Despite the fact I had a momentary weakness to join Twitter, I have suppressed the urge and am staying here. YAY!! I feel no reason to reach out to social network sites where people I haven't heard from 'friend' me and then do not talk to me or email me. I'm not hard to find people! I'm quite searchable. :P

Staying away from unnessecary drama has been my biggest priority, and will continue to be so. It cuts down on stress and other things.
Tags: mundania

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