A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

This is written as it is meant to be

My life is an endless array of spider webs and looking glasses and broken walls careening on all sides. I slam into the objects like they are nothing and continue on my journey. I seek to find and learn what there is. I yearn for understanding. I cannot help but think I am not where I am. Entirely all is as it was and will be and are and can and would. Life is what is and not what it is not, although sometimes it is as well. Somewhile, I was where I was and now I am where I am. Confusion is found in the educated and ignorance is found in the un-. Travelling is merely an illusion in the space-time of which we co-exist. The parallels seek anew what was lost, yet still existing. This must be true as it here, but what preytell do I mean? The maudlin society seeks more than what is forsooth they are alone, yet with others. Bombarded with things of luxury and not necessity causes the world to slip into a vortex for which there is not an event horizon. Society is made by the media and the actions and reactions of people, real and imaginary, are constructs of what the media requires one to be. Breaking of the media restraints and being oneself lands one in a building where one cannot be what one wants to be and will never be allowed to do so again. Money is not wealth, although people seem to think so. Money is just numbers or paper that float around and are used for barter and exchange. In the end it means nothing. The unique cannot be what they are, for real people are far and few between. It is these changes that cause conflict. More is less and more is more, for to not have more, is to not be more. But to have more makes one less. Speaking and writing and thinking are turning in2 nothing moar than Dgraydead spellingz & mizappropriations. This is the new god of the people. If it is not online it is not real. There is more to say and more will be said and more will be given what is its time to give and learn and love and speak and say and dance and think and hold on to. But education calls and time must be paid for its work and time is an employee of that which does not pay fair. B1O1. 2 B or not 2... continued.
Tags: ponderings

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