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You're not right, you're stupid!

Yesterday, 2 women come into the theatre at 2.03. One of them asks me, "Has the show started yet?" I reply, "No." However, it starts about a minute afterwards. This, added to the fact that Roundabout has this unique policy of putting General Admission Comp tickets in ANY available empty seats (like the ones these women were in), caused these 2 women to go psycho crazy.

One of them takes charge and starts screaming at the usher, who calls for the House Manager. The House Manager can't even finish a sentence around these two women, so she's frustated and gives up and sends them to the box office for a refund (N.B. Roundabout Theatre Company NEVER GIVES REFUNDS. It says so on the ticket, and is listed on a board in the lobby area). Elapsed time: 2 minutes

At the box office one of them asks for the Roundabout number of whoever the head guy is (something Haines...) and she leaves a nice, polite, yet annoyed message. The other woman, however, demands a refund, and box office is trying to explain that no refunds are given as the performance has already started and that they (the women) can take either different seats, or a different performance. She is still screaming about how he's being sarcastic towards her and says various rude things like: "I make 3 times more money than you, I don't have to listen to you!" (how does she act in a restaurant?) and "I'm a consumer affairs advocate, I can see this show shut down and you fired!" (ummm...no) and "I bought premium seats, I want my seats!" (which, she didn't as there aren't any tickets at Premium Seat level and her tickets were around $40.00 each) and "Don't buy tickets here, they give your seats away!" (to every other customer that comes in). Elapsed time: 15-20 minutes.

So box office eventually gives in and tries to give a refund, mainly to get these people to go away. However she bought tickets through Telecharge, not Roundabout, and on her credit card. Roundabout cannot refund Telecharge purchased tickets because it's a Shubert company, not a Roundabout company. So, he has to cancel the tickets, and get a cancellation number, which she then has to give to Telecharge, and she also has to call her Credit Card company to ensure the charges are dropped. She is still upset because she couldn't get refunded that day. She leaves after this. Elapsed time:10 minutes.

Total time: Approx. 35 minutes.

Oh, one more thing, during all of psyco craziness, every single staff member was calm and polite to her. It's all caught on video. :)

Amount of time if these two women were calmer and patient to get into their ticketed seats: at most 3 minutes.
Tags: theatre--ushering, wtf?
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