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Overpriced and mismanaged and Black Man Rising Review

Yesterday, myrddan and I went on a Nostalgia Ride given by the NY Transit Museum. We dressed up to fit the train, so we could take photos on it. Of course, we were the only ones to do so, but no one seemed to notice. The Transit Musuem, which is built from an abandoned subway station, is very nice, and has many of the subway cars used now and before. However, the London Transport Musuem is way more interesting, as it includes transports besides trains and buses.The ride was fun, especially being in a 1940s car, and having people on the platform look at it a bit oddly. It was not all well and good, though. The train took us up to the shop facility on 207th st and the whole group of about 50 people were given 1 tour by the shop manager. He explained nothing important nor gave anything more than the basic information. It was also hard to hear him. We tried to leave the tour, but were unable to do so for most of it. We did however, manage to sneak over to a bathroom. After which, we discovered the train would not take us back for another hour and 20 minutes and the only food in the place was from vending machines. We asked one of the people that was "watching" us where we could find food that was not in a vending machine, and she gave me the run-around about where I wanted to eat and where places were. Finally, we got told how to leave. This was during the worst point of that crazy rain of yesterday, but we had had enough of the poorly-managed day, so we ran, in the rain, to the nearest Elevated line, which was the 1 on 215 st. This took us to 42nd, where we got off, and ate some sushi before returning home. So, I would not reccomend the nostalgia rides, mainly for the price of $30. The tours would probably be nice with less people, and those are between $10-$20, depending on venue.

By protecting myrddan from the downpour, and from hypothermia, I caught some sort of cold, which I thought this morning was either strep or tonsilitis, but by now, I feel it is just a regular cold, and will be gone within a day or two.

As is mentioned in my previous posts, there were penny farthings on the ferry yesterday morning. Truly wonderful. As I had mentioned earlier, this came to pass 12-fold, as there were not just 1, but 12 of them on the bike rack, apparently going to a bike auction in Copiague, NY.

Saturday, I saw Black Man Rising and it was better than I expected. The cast was quite talented, the lighting was good, mainly by its use of gobos, the set looked nice, and it wasn't too long. There were a couple problems: the transitions between subjects in the plot did not always work, mainly by being too short, some of the scenes dragged a bit as well. There were some nice things: the gay black man who was not able to go the million man march because of his sexual orientation; the discussion about women; the school teacher; the Obama discourse; and the singing was wonderful. One does have to be black to enjoy the show, but one should be familiar with the culture. I felt it was the black version of Hair. I do hope it comes back soon.

3 1/2 out of 5.
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