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Rants and the President

Firstly, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and his secret service men, went to see Joe Turner's Come and Gone at the Belasco. I wonder what he thought of it?

Secondly, I wish to make an announcement to all those Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter people: Reality is better than Cyberspace. Why spend 6 hours a day, or more, on these things, where there is a wide world out there with wonderful things to see? I myself used to be on Myspace, but I left, and you know what? I felt free. Free from all the drama and crap those social network sites have to offer. So why am I still on Livejournal, you wonder? Well, it's still privately owned, albeit by the Russians, it hasn't caused me any problems, and there aren't so many options and things to do on here that my life fades away into a computer screen.

In other news, my cute, fluffy kitty, Chowder, is busy playing with her catnip toy, after trying to get in the shower with me!
Tags: bitchy ranting, mundania, politics
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