A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Dublin...and then not Dublin

Well well well, I made it on the interwebs yet again. Here I can upload pics, but left the connector in my hotel room. I think I'll just wait until I come home, and upload them all at once, giving everyone wonderous things to see, with all the visual overhaul. *gigglefit*

So...what do I want to say here...well, Dublin's best attraction so far has the wonderous GHOST BUS. It included haunted graveyards, satanic churches, the Hellfire Club, and was truly entertaining for the entire 2 hours, and at the hefty price of €25, which is approx. $35 a person, it was a wonderful night of theatre, and probably the best thing to do in this entire city.

What I have been doing to kill the time, however, besides spending the rest of my Euro (they don't pluralize their currency for some reason), has been shopping for friends. I have T-shirts and fudge for the Merlins. As well as a few other things of interest. Apart from this internet charge, of €1, I will have about €2 and some change. Looking for Hyperiums manuals for myrddan, although no one here seems to have heard of them.

Cloves are not sold in the Republic of Ireland at all. It's apparently some sort of "American Thing". All these Goth kids and no cloves :(

And the food has been great as well. Dad took us to a Chinese Buffet last night, which appears to be the best deal in town, and we were pleasantly surprised at the excellent quality of the food....except the Jell-o, which tasted like normal Chinese Buffet Jell-o.

Well, tomorrow I'm riding the FERRY to Hollyhead, England!! YAY!!! Not-free Ferry!!! YAY!!!! Water!!! And then a train to Conwy, Wales, and then afterwards, a train to London where I am spending my last week of holiday.

By the way, for all you theatre people out there:

Crescent Wrench=Spanner

Hee hee.

Oh...the Dublin map I have is completely out of scale. Walks are very long and annoying. Side streets are not even on the map, so I can't get a general idea of how long it takes to get anywhere.
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