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Belfast Experience

I'm in Belfast, and it's a great city. Dad's been paying for a lot of things, so I've hardly spent much of my own money, actually. I'm not buying many things at all. There's this brand of fags out here called Black Devil which are vanilla flavoured cigarettes. So far, no luck on finding the Sampoerna Extra, but I'll definately try in London.

I'm going to buy some Jameson and Guiness-flavoured fudge. Don't know how good it will be, but it looks interesting. Haven't found anything really uber-celtic we can't get at home. The Titanic tour looks like it'll be really simplistic in scope, but I hope to get some awesome info about how it was built and such. I'll be online again in Dublin. The internets are crazy expensive here, based on the exchange rate.

I hope NYC hasn't had anything too crazy happening in my absence. I heard about Obama and terrorism and such like over here. Watching the House of Commons and Lords go at each other.
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