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Steampunk fantasy

While watching myrddan play Railroad Tycoon II, I asked him if there were still train robberies these days anymore. He said, "No. People with that much money don't ride trains anymore, especially with all the law enforcement around. Now there's just piracy."

Me: Damn those air pirates chasing people around in those...zeppelins!

E: Yeah! They just chase after trains in their zeppelins...wait...is that a tunnel?

Me: Deploy the PENNY FARTHINGS!!

E: Yes! We have those Di Vinci-type parachutes attached to them! Deploy! Put on your goggles!

*squeek* *squeek* *squeek*

E: We haven't hit the ground yet. Why are you pedaling?

Me: I like it.
Tags: erich entry, humour, steampunk

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