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The Story of My Life review

So I've been at The Story of My Life and I honestly think it's horrible. The story is bad, the songs all sound the same, and while some of the lyrics are inspirational, the show just goes on and on for 90 minutes. The first 60 of which is mostly 'flashbacks' through song and light changes. The last 30 minutes is where the conflict happens and the culmination of all these memories happen. The part where the audience finds out exactly what the point is to all this. While, yes, the ending works, it really takes too long to get there.

This man (Tom) is supposed to give a eulogy about his best friend (Alvin) who is dead. Using his best friend's spirit to guide him, they go through various memories about their life looking for what to put in the eulogy. Along the way, it is discovered that Tom took all these memories and turned them into best-selling novels, which upset his friend, who works in his father's bookstore. The only thing that ends up tying them together is the film It's a Wonderful Life (which is referenced ad-nauseum, by the by). Also, it is discovered that Alvin killed himself by jumping off a bridge, "which is ironic because of his favourite film". Tom then realizes he can't write the eulogy because the story he wants to tell is why his friend jumped off the bridge, but since he wasn't there, he can't write it. The ending is when Tom realizes that the entire eulogy doesn't have to be about his friend's life, but about his own life, because that is what he was re-living. Something like that.

It's a Hallmark/Lifetime movie special...which may be why people like it. I think the only reason to see this show at all is for the 2 actors and the orchestra, which work non-stop for 90 minutes without so much as drinking water (which is in a bottle on stage, but I didn't notice either of them using it). Because of that, there aren't any really great songs, keeping the actors' vocal chords from getting too strained, so they can sing these god-awful ditties that all sound the same (they do!).

So if you are going to go, please don't pay too much, for you may walk out. I know I would have if I wasn't working there.

Oh..wait...I forgot to mention the set. The set of the bookcase against the white wall looks better in production photos than it does on stage. That's all I'm really going to say about that.

1 1/2 out of 5.
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