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Spamalot's last show

Last night, I saw the last show of Spamalot. It was not as good as Rocky Horror's last night, but I still had fun. I went with merlyn_drakonis, and we first went to Bourbon Street, the New Orleans restaurant on Restaurant Row. I had a coupon that entitled me to a free dessert after $25 purchase. Apparantly this coupon, besides having no expiration date, is good for ANY of their desserts. Bloody good deal!

As for the show, we got there, and I purchased coconuts, Cow catapult, and the delightfully silly Spamalot boxers.

The show itself was uneventful, it was sped along at the regular pace, with one exception: Rick Holmes, who played the leader of the Knights of Ni, sang an entire song for 2 minutes, instead of not. This is at the part in the show when he says: "We are no longer the Knights who say 'Ni!'...We are now the Knights who say 'Ekki ekki ekki phatang olay biscuit barrell....[etc.]'". Normally, he would put in a bar or 2 of a song, or just say something outrageous. After the song, he mentioned something about how he "Just got my real estate license, I'll be fine." Hee hee.

At the end of the show, Eric Idle came on stage, and he brought up John du Prez, and other people, including previous cast members. Show came down around 9.30, as expected.

I went over the cast party, not expecting to get in, when who is at the door? The security guard from Spamalot! So my friend and I got to go in for a little while and have some drinks. We were not that hungry because our New Orleans food was quite filling. However, we did nab some chocolate covered strawberries on the way out.

I still managed to make the 10.30 ferry.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day, and it reiterates the phrase: "It's not who you are, it's who you know!"
Tags: mundania, theatre--ushering


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