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language lesson, albeit crude

Firstly, my apologies to the misprinted time in my previous epistle (as HPL would say). It was actually 3.30 not 2.30. Secondly, the trip was cancelled due to lack of attendence from both I and my friend. It shall he moved to another day. In the future, I shall make the attempt to post my sojourns with one or two days notice, so people may decide if they wish to come.

Interesting note: In english, the word 'people' is plural, where is Italian, and possibly other Latin-based languages, it is singular. I believe, although I don't remember the exact definate article, that 'people' in German is also singular. As I remember Italian better than the others, I shall shew what I mean with that language:

il popolo= people, il being a masculine singular definate article.
i popoli= peoples i is a masculine plural def. article. This word refering mainly to different kinds of people from different places. i.e. people from Germany and people from Sweden would be refered to as peoples.

il persone= person, sing.
i personi= persons, plural. This can be seen as 'people', but it slightly different, as shewn above.

*NB: This is how I've come to understand the language, it may not be exactly as translated, or have a slightly different meaning. This is just a general view.
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