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I do like the leaf man!

Greetings all,
There has been some news of interest.

Firstly, I went out on Sunday night to Shadowlab at Identity Bar & Lounge dressed as a Bob Fosse-esque dancer (Cabaret, or Chicago). And so, that is my costume for All Hallow's Eve, should I choose to wear one.

Coincidently, my Free Will Horoscope mentioned by costume should be "the one that does the forbidden dance" (something like that), and a Bob Fosse-esque dancer kind of fits that, as does a Gypsy, or a Ritual Druid, or any of the other things I was thinking of going as last- minute. Brilliant!

Oh, and of the ushering, I rawk!!! I was told last night a bunch of stuff, but mainly that I am well liked and not to listen to the other jealous, mean ushers that sometimes, or more than sometimes, try and start things, for those people are just like that. Yep yep. Not really going into details, but that's the summarization of such things.

So I am currently trying to distance myself from the people with the bad energy vibes and focus on the good things in life, doing as I do, wanting as I want, being free and flying through life, and all those other nice thoughts.

*bows* See you on the flip side!
Tags: mundania, ponderings, samhain, theatre--ushering
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