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Equus Review

This is a brilliant piece of theatre. This is a hard play to do, and it was done brilliantly. Radcliffe and Griffiths were wonderful, and the supporting cast was wonderful too. The men who were the horses were some of the best physical actors I have seen on the Broadway stage in a long time. The way the horse-men stood in the shadows made it appear as though real horses were on stage. The set was a cross between a trial room and a surgery room. The lighting was mostly messy, uneven, although the colours were nice. The on-stage seating was awkward and unneeded. Please, if you do see this show, do not go onstage. I sat in the rear of the mezz and saw and heard fine. Speaking of the sound, it was designed very well, especially at that theatre, where the sound is not usually very good. I was happy with this show and may manage to see it again. With all the other shows currently playing on Broadway, this brilliant piece of work is a welcome addition.

5 out of 5.
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