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Webber, give it up!!

Not sure who reading this has been following Webber's latest disaster...but there are new news about it. Firstly, let me summarize, for those not already familiar:

Andrew Lloyd Webber is writing a sequal to his astounding success, Phantom of the Opera. This new musical, entitled Phantom: Once Upon Another Time is based on the book, The Phantom of Manhattan. It involves the Phantom chasing Christine and Raul to Coney Island. *headdesk* REALLY??? This would make a good musical??? WHAT???

*ahem* I digress. So a few months ago, Webber announced he actually wrote a first act and he showcased it at his home on his birthday. This is explained at this article here.

And today he's proclaimed this!!!

*headdesk* again. Really??

I have some advice for Sir Webber: Stick to your original musicals. Woman in White was just awful. Beautiful Game was good, but had no audience in America (because Americans aren't really into Soccer)Just revive your old works. It'll keep making you money. Bring back Starlight Express to Broadway, roller skating musicals are really big now (i.e. Xanadu and Little Mermaid). Yep.
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