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Just a few thoughts...

There have been some things on my mind lately, things I have been wanting to post here, on the LJ...so I guess now would be that time.

I know we're all brought up with this idea of having good credit to get things and that your credit score matters and if you have bad credit, or no credit you can't get anything. Oh, and people are out there to steal your information and become you and lower your credit score...blah blah blah. First of all, yes Identity theivery is real, and well as having bad credit/no credit can impact you on getting things like credit cards, loans, and mortgages. However, the media is taking this way too seriously and playing it up. Companies like LifeLock are out there as protection from identity thieves, and these people will monitor your credit usage and stop thieves before they start. There's one small flaw in this idea though, those LifeLock people are just another group of people that have your personal information. Those people could ironically be the same people who end up stealing your identity, and then fix it, so you feel like the whole system works. As for credit score, generally it doesn't really matter. As long as you can balance your finances well and keep track of what is purchased and how and when, etc. Credit Scores and Identity Theft Protection companies really have no place in your life. As for the best way to cut down on Identity Thievery: Don't give out ALL your personal information to every company you sign up with. Social Security numbers should ONLY be given out for tax reasons, and no other time. Real Estate companies do not need it, cell phone companies do not need it, utility companies do not need it. If employees of said companies say they need it to "check your credit", they don't. They just need your name, and possibly a credit card number. That's it. All done. Oh, and if you're not convinced and feel Lifelock is something that interests you, the coupon/discount code MONTELL will give you a cheaper rate. Just trying to help you save money here, people.

First there was Red Bull, than came Rockstar, Cocaine, and other energy drinks to keep you going. There are even 5-hour energy boosts in little bottles for quick energy. "Don't Sleep! You'll waste time!!" "Awake is good for you!" Well, that was sooooo two ago. Now there is: Drank, the Purple Anti-energy Drink for people who want to sleep and not speed up anymore. Also, there are "new studies" that show that people who take a "power nap" at work get more done, have better concentration, and better memory than those that take energy drinks... Wow. Really? I had no fucking idea!!! <--- sarcasm Apparently it is newly realized that 8 hours of sleep a night is no longer a waste of time, but promotes good health.

Oh...and just to be silly...

I was in New Orleans and I found out exactly what Zydeco music is. That is why it's the new porn. Don't understand what I mean? Don't worry about it. It's just what it is. Maybe it makes no sense, and maybe it makes perfect sense. Maybe I just fit some words together in order to sound uber nifty or maybe I didn't. Who the bloody hell cares anyway? It's just something to say.

Danke und Guten Nacht!
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