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Today's Rant is about...DIGITAL CAMERAS

Back about...oh, 10 years ago, I had a professional photographer take photographs at my Bat Mitzvah. After the event, we (my family and I) received a box of pictures (ALL THE PICTURES), which we look through and choose for the album. This also happened about 7 years ago when my brother had his Bar Mitzvah. The photographers at both events used film cameras.

Nowadays photographers are using digital cameras. True, they can probably take more pictures, as well as delete ones and edit other ones, but this leads me to my rant. First of all, I'm not a fan of digital pictures. It's fine for amateurs, no question, but professional photographers should still use film. The quality is better, and there is truth in the picture. Nowadays, just about ANYBODY can be a photographer that can use Photoshop. What is with picture editing? Creating memories of an event that didn't happen? If I had someone take a photo of me that was too dark, I would still keep it, because that would be the REAL moment, not a created one manufactured by a computer program! Also, the photographers put the negatives online on a website for people to scroll through, now I REALLY don't like that. I'm sure not EVERYONE can get access to the pictures, but it feels so impersonal. It's like the photographer is saying, "Here are your pictures, now go away....unless you want to buy some". Things like that, I can do myself, and probably SAVE money. I'm paying someone a few hundred dollars, I want quality film pictures. I'm sure there are still darkrooms left in the world people can develop pictures in. That's a true photographer, one with a darkroom. Everyone else is just doing it as a hobby.

I'm not sure if I'm the minority in this thinking, but it's just how I feel.
I don't even OWN a digital camera. I own a film camera, because I like it that way.
I am, however, taking a digital camera on my trip next week, only because the pictures are cheaper to develop. If I was only taking a roll or two of film, then I would probably keep the film camera. As I know how myrddan takes photos, however, the digital camera is the better option.

Feel free to comment with my controversy. I like conflict. :)
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