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August: Osage County Review

Um...I go against popular opinion on this play. So, I'm going to write about it a bit differently:

It's great that a modern, American playwright can write an intense, engaging play that lasts over 3 hours, has two intermissions, and causes audience members to come again and again.

Awesome set.

Great acting.

It's very 'sitcom' in style, not witty. (BTW: Wit is not an American trait. It's a European one. The only witty American I know about is Mark Twain, and he went to London to learn it)

It's 3 1/2 hours, and could be done in two. (Actually, it can be done in 5 1/2 minutes: The Abridged Version)

Characters are included mainly for the fact that is an ensemble piece, and all the members of the Steppenwolfe company have to be included somehow, even if they only have 5 lines.

It's like Losing Louie and Jerry Springer had a love child that was related Bat Boy.

So, is it worth seeing? Sure. It's written for the general population. And it's a nice realistic play. And I think one of the reasons I don't like it is because it is realism. Meh.

3 1/2 out of 5.


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Jan. 8th, 2008 01:47 pm (UTC)
Osage County
This is one of the best plays I have seen in years. After a slow start in the first ten minutes, the remaining time went by in a flash. The second act was especially worthwhile. As characters revealed themselves, the audience actually began to take sides. The verbal response from the audience is not typical in today's theatre climate. They were actively engaged and were were involved intensely without even being aware of it. This is Theatre, with the capital T. I loved it. Just wanted to post a second opinion. I understand your points but there are several viewpoints on this one.
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