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Come Back Little Sheeba Review

First of all, it is much better performed than read. Next, the acting, from all the actors, was superb. It truly drew you in and kept you interested. They played the comedy off quite well, and made you want to know about each of their roles. Even the small roles of the milkman and the postman were so intriguing, that one would wish that they had bigger parts! Speaking of parts, no one was double casted! A delightful surprise in these days. The wonderful ability to create the feeling of the of seeing the show for the first time, with the working appliances and the unit set that was new at the time this was written, makes theatre lovers smile. It is also interesting to see (thanks to Igne) that all loose ends are tied up at the end of the play. It is rare to see that nowadays on Broadway. Lately, plays have been ending on such a note that one must think about what happened and decide for oneself how exactly the ending should play out. Also, the set, with its prison-like slats, truly help to bring the feel of "trapped house wife" into the play. Even though I saw the invited dress, I'm sure the play will dramatically improve and become better over time.

4 out of 5.
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