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As god as my witness, I was not at my post

Well, IATSE Local One went on strike this morning, so I have no usher work for at least today.
Not that it's a major deal for me right now, I'm still house managing off-off broadway. However, what does worry me is what happens after November 18th. I'm trying to get other work, and myrddan is snatching it away, for he is more qualified, methinks. The only good thing about that is that his rent will be paid for December. Which is good. Yep. No worries there.

So...I'm hoping to be working in the next two weeks. I'm sure that I will be, but it's been weird these last couple days, and I'm not sure what's going on with the universe. All will reveal itself in time.
No worries.
Tags: mundania, theatre--house management, theatre--ushering
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