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Working on a vanity play for the rich spinster Georgia Shreve, whom is either new or old money...no idea. Anyway, the musical is The Enron Musical, which could use a better director and mostly a whole new cast, but is going to get some KICK ASS LIGHTING from yours truly. Her use of made of vocabulary is neat, however, as well as the accountant who fucks with the books. Both truly well done. The book, however, is quite lacking and the songs all sound the same and some are quite Brechtian (in length, not in tone, style, or meaning). But it pays well, so that is what matters.

Best line: "I've been working on my PhD in Graduate School for 10 years, but they kicked me out, even though I was up to 189 pages of my thesis."

Makes me want to get together with myrddan and write that vampyre musical he is so interested in. It's a great story, and should get done. Honestly!
Tags: theatre--lighting designer
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