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Hey, Rand, I can have a funny story too!! :P

Just got through an email exchange with a man who saw my post for volunteer ushers. Apparently, somewhere along the line, he assumed that it was a paid gig. I realized this when he sent me his resume, which made it appear like he was completely overqualified for this position. Nevertheless, I replied to his email and asked when he wanted to work, and I reminded him that it was a volunteer position and that if he was still interested to let me know. He replied with an email in which he used the phrase 'LOL' and 'oopsies' and explaining that he had to pay the rent and could not do the show. The reason this entire exchange upsets me is that if I had misread a post, I would've offered to do at least one show to make up for the trouble of the misread. That way instead of being inconvienced for 5 weeks, he would have been inconvenienced for a few hours as well as the fact that I would've kept his resume on file for future paying work, had it arisen. It will be very hard for him to get far in this business with the attitude he is affronting in his emails. I make a lot of contacts by doing the occasional volunteer gig, and by doing them rarely, and when I'm not working, it helps me to feel rewarded and peace of mind. It's not my place to judge and my opinion may be entirely wrong, but that's how it appears to me. Do these kinds of things happen frequently?
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