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Maybe networking really does work...over tea!!!

Greetings all again,
This will most likely be my last post in December. But, no worries, it will be all happy news.

First and foremost, since I finished my wonderful 3-week stint on that wonderful play Vermilion Wine, I have been ushering 8 shows a week at various theatres. This is good, since I've also been Lighting Designing for free...but...hey...resume credit. One of our competitors, during my time at the Producer's Club, Phare Play Productions, has graciously offered me the job as their resident Lighting Designer and Board Operator. I took it. I am now the resident Lighting Designer/Board Op at the Lonestar Theatre, formally PC II. I can get hired out to those that rent the space, and those people will have to pay me...Phare Play does not, unless I run a show for them...so all is good.  Speaking of Vermilion, Hunter Tremayne, the director/writer of the play, is going to be directing another show in June, which I will most likely be a part of as well. I guess I'm finding more and more reasons to stay here instead of moving away. If I start getting enough work outside of ushering, I may join the Freelancer's Union, so I can get the Health Insurance and other benefits.

Other news: I found a tea store on 41st and 9th that sells loose teas. Truly wonderful. I fell in love with the store. I'm actually drinking some of it right now: rose hips. Very interesting flavour.

So, that's about it really. I'm finally getting financially stable and doing very well in almost every sense of the word. It would be nice to have someone to share this good fortune with...*sigh*...that's another story that I'm not getting into right now...I don't want to end on a sad note right now...

Tags: mundania, theatre--light-board op, theatre--lighting designer, theatre--technical director, theatre--ushering

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