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School daze... (yes...soooooooo cliche)

Today I start the last year of my undergrad college life. Finally! I'm getting tired of all this school stuff....

My Cat woke me up at 9:30, which is great, because that's when I wanted to wake up. She's turning into a regular alarm clock kitty.

Also, I own not only Battle Royale but Battle Royale II. Haven't seen the sequal, but I hope it's still somewhat as good as the original.

As for what else...oh,yes, I rehersed yesterday again. Had 4/5 of my cast present. I feel it was cast well. watching all of them work together. Kat (Lady Celestine) had her lines memorized already. Excellent; albeit she has too lines... *shrugs* Looks good....need to fix some blocking and whatnot, but it's coming together very nicely. Have to go buy a large, wooden cross....Reggie (Mom) offered to do this, as well as buy fangs and tell the rest of the cast if cheaper worked just as well as moderately expensive. I told a couple cast members about buying the fangs because they haven't worn them before and I don't want them lisping during the week of performances. Heh.
Tags: mundania, theatre--directing

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