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Run-Through Time...

Did a Run-Thru of sorts on Wedneday. Not all the cast members of my scene were there. Producer's fault...he neglected to tell them we had a rehersal. This was after he told me to keep in touch with my actors. I told the three people (of 5) that we had rehersal, and those three came.

In the three-hour period, the producer/director showed us the intro Host segment that will introduce the entire showcase to the audience. It seemed to take 10-15 minutes and dragged a bit. It may go much faster in the actual run...not sure. It involved 1-2 minute song clips in a goth club with people dancing, slowly have Vampires come in and try and scare them away...

Then, the Producer decided to run through the two longest plays first. This, as well as the host segment took about 2 of the 3 hours. At my turn, I ran through my scene in about 10 minutes or so...with my 'understudy' not taking it seriously. What I liked was that a few of the lines I had written that I had been told were not funny (i.e. the line about the Mom asking her son if him being a vampire was just a metaphor for wanting condoms) caused the other actors to burst out laughing. I even got a couple of the other directors saying how good my writing was! I also got some ideas for my ending of the play...

Anyway, afterwards, I was given leave to go. On my way out, I was told I was needed two nights a week, regardless of if I'm rehearsing or not, because I'm one of the directors. The only issue I have is I don't know if I can take off the work for two nights a week, prior to October...will discuss this with the producer and get back to that later...

All in all, it went well, and the blocking shall start next week...I hope...need to find out how this is going to be scheduled and how much time I am given to rehearse...
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