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When Scientologists can cure HIV/AIDS, I will willingly join their cult.

Today's rant is about Scientology. Now, before I begin, I wish to state that I am not against Scientology nor do I have anything specifically against those who practice it; I just have some issues with the way some of the media light on it is handled. I don't want no hate mail or no hate comments or whatever, because I have visited the Church here in NYC and spent two hours there learning about it, so I believe that I comment about it now. Anyway...

The Daily News pointed out something interesting about Scientologists that I wanted to comment on. One of the writers mentioned that when someone challenges Scientology, the Scientologists get really defensive and arguementitive about their beliefs. I've noticed that as well. It's almost as if the followers can't fully explain why they are so offended. Honestly, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? I also find it amusing that these followers of L. Ron Hubbard will blatently make fun and satire other religions and creeds, but when it comes to their own, they draw the line...hmm...that's amusing in itself as well.

I also hear tell that Europeans hate Scientology and that there is some sort of ban on it...not sure how true that is. Maybe one of my European LJ friends could give me some info on that.

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