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"And you want it all...."

Well, my show has begun since last night. The audience has been very responsive. They even told me that I did a good job. That made me feel special, it's something when someone even notices the tech, never mind compliment them.

I got my first birthday lunch today. It was the Playwright's Tavern. Pretty fun. Will definately remember that place for another time.

Today at work we had this old lady in a wheelchair who bought a seat she could not get to by wheelchair. It was heartwrenching to see her family and the other usher I was working with carry her to the seat. This only happened because, her daughter, I believe, did not want to move to a more convenient seat for her. It's people like that that make me cry. I hope they can get out of the theatre okay.

My roommate is going to Vegas from tomorrow through Monday night. The apartment is mine!!! W00t! Anyone wanting to crash...well...now's your chance before my party.

Speaking of my party, I already told by 9 people that they are coming. Whether they come or not is a different story, but I hope it shall be mad crazy fun. YES!!!
Tags: mundania, theatre--light-board op, theatre--technical director, theatre--ushering

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