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Theatre Makes the Heart Grow Fonder....

How are things going? Well...I am going to start doing multiple-theatre-things-at-once stuff again.
Currently I usher up to everyday, as well as go to school during the day. Most likely, starting in the next couple weeks I will be Assistant Stage Managing again (or something along those lines...). Going to work with Nightforce International on some Lighting work or other Tech work...and then there's Henry V that I started working on last year. I'm either going to continue working on that show as Westmoreland, or I will ask to do the lighting for it. I still want to be involved, I'm just not sure how much I can be...and I won't know for sure until around March 10, when I might be getting to work at the Longacre Theatre as a permanent usher. *glee*

Waiting for my laptop. It's very close to me right now, Maspeth...which is a 15-minute or so drive. Unfortunately, the Government is doing one of those security checks on my package, which keeps delaying me recieving it by another day...if there is a way I can pick it up myself, I will do so...I'm going to call up the UPS people today and find out what's really going on.

So other than my laptop being delayed by 3 days already and some other personal matters, life is going wonderfully...and I may buy some boots soon!!!
Tags: mundania, theatre--acting, theatre--asm, theatre--light-board op, theatre--stagecrew, theatre--ushering

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