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And when I don't try I end up getting cast...

Ladies and Gentleman and other such creatures who read my journal, I have such wonderful news as to astound and amaze you beyond such comprehension as to make you scratch your head and go --What?-- in confusion and disbelief:

I am acting once again. I amazingly have found time in the already-getting-to-be-too-busy schedule of mine to take on the role of actress. And this is in a Shakespeare play, no less: my specialty. *bows* I shall be in the play of Henry V in the role of the Earl of Westmoreland (another male role...hmm...I'm noticing a pattern here). A British-dialect role, from my understanding, so I get to show of my accent-ability as well. Not sure when the play will be performed or where, although it is rumoured to be at a Hunter College space. Other information will be following as I receive details. You are all free to now either laugh or applaud or comment as you see fit. (Would like some hugs as well)

This has been another announcement of ridicule and astonishment from The Pamela.
Tags: theatre--acting
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