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"There's a bar across the street?" "...From the theatre..."

So I have a "date" for the cast party I'm having. Finally. Not telling who...it's a secret. I've decided to be more discreet about who I hang out with outside of the Goth-Vampy Circle. This may or may not influence the drama surrounding every little thing I do, but I feel more secure about this. Anyways, my first Equity Cast Party should be quite enjoyable. We're going to this bar down the street from the theatre and it'll be an open bar and all this fun stuff...and I'm allowed to partake of a drink or two. Heh. Don't have to, really. Wouldn't mind having cokes. We'll see what happens. I'm beginning to feel like I need this party...all the work that we're doing is coming into fruition starting next week. Whew. My days will be open soon and I'm thinking of auditioning for plays and things soon. Hee hee. Anyways...that's what up. I'm going to focus on things I'm doing and try not and obsess over others...selfishness will bring me no where in the end.
Tags: ethan stories, mundania, theatre--asm
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