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W00t!!! A real job...well...somewhat...

Okay peoples, Pam is happy todays. Here is whys:

I am going to be a Production Assistant for Terence McNally's play It's Only a Play for the Midtown Summer play festival in July. YES!!! It's an Equity Showcase, which means I get to learn about the rules of Actor's Equity and stuff like that. I don't get paid, but I get money for travel, so my Metrocard is taken care of, and, if I have to, I know where to get food from as well. This is as well as my new ushering gig at the Westside Theatre, although I'm still looking into Dodger Stages as well right now, too. Ah...fun Crew Credits. I am doing immensely well in my personal life, despite the drama and the rumours and the sick people and the relationship thingys and whatnot...all is good with me overall. The good outweights the bad and I am very happy at this point.
Tags: mundania, theatre--asm
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