March 21st, 2018

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Jeremy Bentham is out of the closet!

Normally hiding inside a cabinet at the University of London, Mr Bentham is visiting New York City for a limited time at the Met Breuer on 5th Avenue. He is mostly well known for inventing the Panopticon prison system... and, even more notably, for putting in his will that his auto icon should be kept at the University of London forever... like it was a thing.... it was not a thing... he was the first person to become an auto icon. So, here's me and him together...

Ringo: Jeremy! Can it be you?
Jeremy: Can it be me? I think you better enquire the guard, for when I was captured, they took all my cards!
Ringo: That's enough, Jeremy.

music, concerts, angry, powerful

Don't dish it out if you can't take it

Lady: Hi! Do you have a moment?
Me: Sure.
Lady: Ok, what is the only state that ends with a 'k'?
Me: 'New York'.
Lady: Awesome! You got it! Ok, I represent Child International. Have you heard of them?
Me: No.
Lady: Well, it's an organisation that looks to help children and get equality for women---
Me: Women already have equality.
Lady: Not in incomes...
Me: At my job, all people are paid the same regardless of gender. If you stop focusing on gender, everyone is equal.
Lady: Ok... well, we're looking to help women and children in other countries.
Me: And which other countries that end with a 'k' are you helping?
Lady: Thank you for your time...