October 6th, 2016

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Vincent Price Cookbook Recipes

Chicken and Rice

I cheated a bit on this one. While I did incorporate all the ingredients into the recipe (except the bamboo shoots), I used my slow cooker to make this. I put it all in together for 2 1/2 hours on high and everything came out fine, although the rice was a bit underdone.
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Green-Wood Cemetery

I spent yesterday at Green-Wood Cemetery. It is HUGE. 468 Acres... My original idea was to find all the graves and monuments listed in the Baedecker's Guide, however, due to the size of this place, some were omitted. I did find most of them, and they are chronicled here. So...yep... here we go!

Following Ninth Avenue towards the S. from the S.W. entrance of Prospect Park, we soon reach (1/2 M) the N. E. entrance of Green-Wood Cemetery, one of the most beautiful cities of the dead in America, rivalling (sic) Prospect Park in the charms of its undulating surface and extensive views. It is 400 acres in extant. Note: See above, it has grown a bit since 1893.
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