July 22nd, 2014

hedwig, together

Civil War trivia

It's not every day that one sees a new retelling of a familiar event. But this is the case with Civil Warriors from the National Geographic Channel. It includes multiple photos, CGI films, reenactments, as well as experts helping modern-day family members trace their descendants in the war. It is amazingly well done as it doesn't really give an over-all history of the war. It assumes people already know about it and it's major battles, victories, and events. The rest is fun and interesting trivia, such as: how unhygienic it was to have soldiers camping on one's yard, how dangerous the bullets really were, the lack of Confederacy tents and how they found shelter, and much more. It's really nice to know there are still new ways to tell these events that they seem new, refreshing and interesting. Good going, Nat Geo!
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