December 31st, 2012


No more 2012

This year is drawing to a close, and, like every year previous to it, exciting and remarkable things happened for good and for bad. And, like previous years, I will not be highlighting, for the media does a good job of doing it themselves until one just wants to see what is actually going on in the present, vs. what happened in the past. I will, however, mention some things, in general terms, that have happened since my last post:

I am hanging out again with a good friend, I have gotten in touch with someone who I want to be a good friend, even though my theatre is closing in about 3 weeks I feel upbeat, I am being offered experiences I did think would be offered, and myrddan is getting a lot of work that he is quite proud of.

So, in conclusion, life is good. Thank you, readers, for being there and supporting me!!