July 16th, 2012

occult, dark, satanic

Rye Playland 2012

Yesterday, myrddan and I went to Rye Playland. We went as a celebration of 10 years as friends. lockemaison went with us. We used the MTA metro-north getaway fare, which was an amazing deal for the entire trip. One of the coolest things about the ride was that I got use my free Metrocard transfer in both directions!

Anyway, the park itself is mostly how I remember it, however, there were some differences. The Ye Olde Mill ride, which was my favourite park ride has been redone with a different story and is now not as interesting. The one I remember involved riders going into the trolls lair and the trolls would be "kidnapping" the riders and torturing or drowning them. There was a section of gemstones with a tied up woman behind it, a north pole scene, voices echoing in the corridors... "here comes a boat..." "another one?" footsteps, and the last diaroma was of a sinking ride boat and a rider drowning. Now, it uses animatronics and is the story of trolls taking over a Playland waterworks mine. It's much lamer.

Another ride I was looking forward to, was the Mind Scrambler. This ride is no longer there... and has been replaced with a ride called Catch the Wave, which used to be the Aladdin's Carpet ride. The Spider ride is also gone and replaced with a really odd roller coaster in which riders lie down.

Things that are still there and are still as good as I remember: Spaceship 2000, the Dragon Coaster, the mini-golf, the Playland Ice Casino, the Arcade, the Derby carosel, the Ferris Wheel, the haunted houses, and the Hall of Mirrors.

There were new things and old things that we enjoyed and a good day was had by all parties. We may go back again, but not for at least a couple years.