July 2nd, 2012

Shockheaded Peter

Mormon Vampires are Immune to Crosses

Keeping in the vain of my Victorian 1337, we have been thinking of turning 80s/New Wave/Goth music songs into LDS-friendly tunes. Keep in mind, we don't have a full song, yet, just a couple of snippets. For those of you not fully familiar with Goth Bands, we're thinking of the ones that have the electro-dance beat and deep, gravelly voices such as: Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, VNV Nation, Cruxshadows, and some Cure thrown in for good measure.

"I will live in Grace forever / Thanks to Joseph's Smith's endeavour" --- based on a song by Mindless Self Indugence

"I hear you calling / Brigham Young ..." --- based on Marion by Sisters of Mercy

We're calling the music Christian Goth Wave.

More to come!