January 24th, 2011

goth birdhouse

Delmonico's Cut from the Pompeii Pillars.

Oh wait...what is this? I'm updating again? So soon. Did something of import actually happen?
Well, everyday is important in its own way.
But, you know, this is my rash of semi-constant updates again.

What is happening in the Pam world?
Today my husband and I are having lunch at Delmonico's.
My second time, his first time. We're mainly going so he can try a Delmonico's steak. The reason is this:
On our honeymoon, we stayed a few nights in Cleveland, OH, and there we had our first upscale restaurant dinner at this lovely place called Hyde Park. Highly recommended, by the way. Anyway, on their menu is something called the "Delmonico Cut Steak" and I mentioned that if he wanted a real Delmonico Cut, he should to Delmonico's. He assented to this idea, and instead ordered a steak with blue cheese on it. So, now, he we are, about to embark on the steak eating lunch of fun and excitement!

Oh, and also, this year, for my birthday, there will be NO PARTY. Yes, that is correct, I will not be having my annual birthday party. Instead, we are going to spend the week-end at Foxwoods. If you want to spend time with me, as a more intimate affair, please contact me directly and we can arrange something.