October 19th, 2010


Blown off interview

This is the first time I've ever gone to a job interview & the interviewee flaked out without a word of communication! I applied to work as an Assistant Production Manager for the Midtown International Theatre Festival & was granted an interview.
My first flag went up when the place mentioned to meet was not where the email mentioned it would be, it was 4 blocks in the other direction! Nonetheless, I still reached the place on time and looked around. I had no idea who the person is...so I bought some fruit and sat down. I sent out an email mentioning I was here as well typing the name of the person into Facebook to get a visual (which didn't help). After waiting 20 for an answer to my email, I sent another one stating that I had shown up and if I could not reach this person in another 20 minutes, that I was going to leave. Meaning that I had waited 45 minutes for someone to show up!
Such things are bad for the theatre world & business should not be done like this. Inexcusable.

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