August 15th, 2010

sneaky, cat

Whitefish, MT

Well peoples! We're in Montana. Yep yep. I know you haven't been. That's why we're here. Somewhere new and different. My cell phone doesn't work, so no calling me until 17 August. I'm sure y'all can wait. You can email me, however. We took the train through Glacier National Park, and we totally want to come back and stay in the park sometime. However, I'm sure we'll still have fun. Also, the train went through North Dakota, so there are pics of that as well. Totally having fun. Beauty is what's left for us and we will enjoy it!


dreaming the dream

Just a quick thing...I had a dream about being home, but not realizing I had stopped traveling.
This is probably going to happen.
Once we get back, it's going to take some time to get reoriented, we've been gone so long!
sneaky, cat

It's so beautiful here

We explored Whitefish, MT today, and even bought shirts!
The downtown area is quite small, but there are all independently owned and fun. We ate inside a caboose for lunch. I had mahi mahi and Erich had an Elk Burger (although it doesn't taste different...). We also walked by Whitefish River. Dessert was at a chocolate store, quite yummy!
Tomorrow, we're going to the north side of the rail tracks and checking out the beach and maybe a boat ride.
We're totally wanting to come back sometime and stay in the park.